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Wrongful Death

The unexpected death of a loved one is a very difficult loss to deal with, and the thought of calling a personal injury attorney during this sorrowful time can seem very distasteful. Most wrongful death cases, however, can be lost or won depending on how soon after the death of your loved one that an investigation into the deadly accident took place.

Chicago Wrongful Death Attorney Joseph G. Klest has represented clients in wrongful death cases for more than 25 years in Chicago and in other cities throughout Illinois. He usually can determine after a brief phone call whether an investigation is warranted immediately or can wait.

The term “wrongful death” is used to describe the death of person who died because another person or party was negligent, careless, or reckless. For example:

* A car, truck, or motorcycle driver was careless on the road and a pedestrian or another motorcycle driver was killed.
* A toddler died after swallowing a magnet that wasn’t properly attached to her toy.
* A construction worker dies because the tractor he was driving malfunctioned.
* A mother died during childbirth because the doctor failed to properly monitor her heart.
* An elderly woman died after being brutally beaten by a nurse at an elder care facility.

Damages in Wrongful Death Cases The death of your loved one can leave surviving family members heartbroken, and while suing the liable party for money can never make up for your loss, your compensation can help you gain some relief and compensation to help you cover your financial costs-especially if the decedent is someone that your family depended on for financial support.

The kinds of wrongful death damages you can claim will depend on your relationship to the decedent. Mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, husbands, and wives can file wrongful death claims in Illinois, where damages sought can include medical costs and suffering related to your loved one’s injuries that led to the wrongful death, loss of financial support, loss of emotional support, loss of companionship, mental trauma, burial/cremation/funeral costs, and punitive damages meant to punish the liable party.

Sometimes, a dispute can arise among surviving family members regarding who is in charge of a wrongful death claim because of estate issues. Mr. Klest has helped resolve this kind of dispute before for many clients in the Chicago area.

At Joseph Klest, Attorney at Law, we provide zealous and personalized representation to all our personal injury clients. Mr. Klest will personally handle your wrongful death case. Not only is he someone that you can talk to, but he will handle your case properly so that you can maximize your return on your settlement.

Mr. Klest has successfully handled many wrongful death lawsuits. He is a Chicago native, and he understands the local jury cultures in Will County, DuPage County, Lake County, and Cook County. He and his team of experts and expert witnesses will work hard to obtain the best outcome possible for you.

To schedule your free consultation with Joseph Klest, Attorney at Law, call us at (630) 529-7848, (312) 527-2779, (847) 969-9510, or contact us online.

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