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Winter Driving Tips from the Klest Law Firm

As the temperature drops and snow begins to fall on Chicago roadways, the Klest Law Firm blog would like to share some safe driving tips with its readers. It is especially important to drive carefully when road conditions are snowy and/or icy. The following winter driving tips have been published by AAA:

• Do not warm vehicles in enclosed areas i.e. garage • Ensure that you have proper tire inflation • Do not mix radial tires with other tire types • AAA recommends keeping your gas tank half full during colder months to ensure that gas lines do not freeze • Do not use cruise control on icy or snowy roadways • Make sure the exhaust pipe is not clogged with snow or ice to ensure that carbon monoxide does not flow into the passenger cabin • Allow yourself more time for braking and keep a greater distance between vehicles while driving in the winter
In addition, AAA also has special driving tips for long distance winter travel. Chicago motorists should make sure to keep blankets, extra gasoline, food, water, and a cellular phone when undertaking winter travel. Snowbound drivers should make sure to stay with their vehicles and not expend too much energy trying to dig out of snow or ice. Following these tips can help to avoid car accidents during the winter months.

Winter driving in and around Chicago can be enjoyable when proper precautions are taken. If you have any questions regarding winter driving safety or would otherwise like to speak with an attorney, please click here.

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