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Waukegan, IL, Preacher Sentenced to Eighteen Years for Sexual Abuse of Minor

A Waukegan, IL, preacher was sentenced to 18 years in prison today for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor. The preacher, 59 year-old Kevin Eubanks, reportedly signed a typed statement at the Waukegan Police Department which confessed to the sexual abuse. He was convicted on April 28, 2011, of fondling an 11 year old girl on two separate occasions in August of 2008. He has reportedly been in custody since his arrest in July of 2009.

Eubanks worked as a pastor at Baptist churches in both North Chicago, IL, and Zion, IL. The prosecution asked for a sentence of 23 years for Eubanks. Both the sexual abuse victim and her mother testified at trial. According to reports, the victim testified during the April trial against Eubanks reporting that he told her to remain quiet about the sexual abuse. Her mother sobbed as she described her daughter’s coming forward and her confrontation with Eubanks. She testified that Eubanks swore on a Bible that he did not touch the minor girl. Defense attorneys for Eubanks asked the judge to consider the fact that Eubanks had a relatively clean criminal record in sentencing. Eubanks’s attorney will reportedly appeal the conviction.

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