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Two Chicago Police Officers under Investigation for On-Duty Sexual Assault

Two Chicago Police officers are being criminally investigated following allegations that the officers were involved in an on duty sexual assault early Wednesday morning. Reports indicate that the officers were arrested on Wednesday and questioned at the Belmont Area headquarters with legal representation present. They have yet to be criminally charged. The criminal investigation remains ongoing as Chicago Police continue to compile evidence and forensics.

The officers are accused of allegedly picking up an intoxicated 22 year old woman in a marked car near Wrigley Field and offering her a ride home. She allegedly had sex with one of the officers in the passenger seat of the vehicle on the ride home. Upon returning home, the woman and two officers are accused of playing strip poker before the women again had sex with one of the officers. The sexual abuse victim told investigating officers that she began to feel intimidated and was afraid of rejecting the officers’ sexual advances. The woman reportedly pounded on the wall to get her neighbor’s attention and later ran screaming from the apartment. A neighbor witness called the police around 3 a.m. Reports indicate that another neighbor witness reportedly saw a naked man running down the hallway of the building and another man who may have been wearing a police uniform. Investigators found portions of an officer uniform and a cell phone belonging to one of the officers in the woman’s apartment. The woman received treatment at St. Francis Hospital in Evanston.

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