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Three Killed in Chicago High Speed Car Accident

A late night Chicago car accident in Maywood, IL, claimed the lives of three individuals last night. According to reports, the chain of events that caused the fatal multi-vehicle crash was initiated when a teen driver noticed a potentially impaired driver in a black Honda on a west-facing curb at Jackson Ave. in River Forest, IL. Maywood authorities report that the teen stopped near the vehicle to see if the driver needed help. The actions of the teen samaritan reportedly angered the motorist who began to follow the teen as the teen pulled away. The driver of the Honda tailed the teen after the encounter through west Chicago streets as the teen contacted River Forest police. The teen reportedly ran a red light at the intersection of Chicago and First Ave. during the chase.

As the Honda was pursuing the vehicle it ran a light at the same intersection colliding with a Mercedes Sports Utility Vehicle that was southbound on First Avenue. The individuals in the Mercedes, both residents of Chicago, were killed at the scene the car accident. The driver of the Honda was also killed. Police records show that the Honda driver did have previous arrests related to drugs and DUI. The matter is still being investigated.

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