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Surgical Malpractice

You have the right to expect and receive the proper surgical care when undergoing surgery at any hospital or medical facility in the Chicago, Illinois area. If you sustain injuries or other unanticipated damages or side effects because your surgeon made an error during the procedure, you have the right to claim medical malpractice compensation for the physical, emotional, and psychological injuries that you are suffering from.

Attorney Joseph Klest is a Chicago medical malpractice attorney who has helped many surgical patients recover compensation because their surgeon or another member of the surgical team made a mistake during an operation in hospitals throughout Will County, Cook County, DuPage County, Lake County, and in other counties throughout Illinois. We would be happy to offer you a free consultation to talk about your surgical malpractice case.

Proving liability due to a surgical error can be a very difficult matter, which is why you need to retain the services of an experienced medical malpractice attorney that has the skills, resources, and experience to determine how the surgical error occurred.

Common Surgical Errors:

* Operating on the wrong part of the body * Performing the wrong operation * Leaving a surgical instrument in a patient’s body * Delay in treatment * Failure to obtain the patient’s consent * Assigning a major surgery to an assistant * Failure to perform caesarean surgery in time to prevent birth trauma * Failure to properly administer anesthesia * Performing the correct operation on the wrong part of the body * Birthing errors/trauma
Common Causes of Surgical Errors:

* Fatigue * Performing too many surgeries in one day * Not supervising a new surgeon properly * Surgical inexperience * Miscommunication between surgical and medical staff * Negligence or carelessness
The repercussions of a surgical error on a patient’s condition can be very serious-even catastrophic. A patient may have to undergo more surgeries to correct the damage done by the surgical mistake. He or she may experience a lot of physical pain. Infections, organ damage, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, disfigurement, loss of limb use, scarring, and wrongful death are some of the devastating consequences that can result because of surgical malpractice.

Surgical errors occur far more frequently in the Chicago area than we would like to think that they do. Attorney Joseph Klest is committed to helping surgical malpractice patients obtain the financial recovery that they are entitled to for the serious acts of medical negligence that has been done to them.

For more information about filing a surgical malpractice claim or lawsuit in the state of Illinois, go to our general medical malpractice page for more information.

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