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State of Illinois Looks to Close Clinic Owned by Convicted Sexual Abuser

The State of Illinois is looking to shut down a surgical center owned by an Illinois doctor that has been convicted of sexual abuse. Dr. Nercy Jafari of the Grand Avenue Surgical Center in Chicago was found guilty of sexually abusing a patient in 2001 while performing a bikini-line laser treatment. According to records, Jafari removed a 23 year-old patients bikini bottoms and stroked her thighs and genitals with his bare hand. A woman who worked for the Dr, Jafari also testified that he inappropriately touched her when she received similar treatment. Prosecutors had also compiled allegations from another former employee in Jafari’s 2001 prosecution.

Dr. Jafari was convicted and sentenced to 24 months of sex offender probation, but his license was never suspended. The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation had filed a formal complaint against the doctor. Jafari was able to participate in a private conference with a member of the medical disciplinary board who determined that Jafari’s denial of wrongdoing was sufficient to retain his license. Jafari is now required to have a chaperon present when he performs exams on female patients. A separate agency, the Illinois Department of Health, is now looking to close the center with an August 2nd notice of intent to revoke. Jafari will be allowed to continue to practice while he fights the revocation.

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