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Sexual Abuse By Family Member

Joseph Klest, Attorney at Law has helped more than 75 victims that have been sexually abused by family members receive compensation for their injuries. Attorney Joseph Klest is nationally recognized for his commitment to helping sex abuse victims recover personal injury compensation. He is sensitive to the injuries and trauma that can be sustained by someone who has been sexually abused, and he offers zealous and compassionate representation to his sex abuse clients.

Attorney Klest has law offices in Chicago and Schaumburg, Illinois, and he represents sexual abuse victims throughout Chicago, Will County, Cook County, DuPage County, Lake County, elsewhere in Illinois, and throughout the United States. He has represented over 100 sex abuse abuse victims in their lawsuits against their abusers and the organizations and institutions that allowed the abuse to take place. He would like to offer you a confidential, free consultation to discuss your case.

Sexual abuse by a family member is also known as incest. Child sexual abuse by a relative occurs when an infant, boy, or girl, is taken advantage of sexually by his or her mother, father, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, step-relative, grandmother, grandfather, or cousin.

Touching a child’s genitals, genital penetration, inappropriately touching any part of a child’s body, oral-genital contact, anal penetration, hugging or kissing of a sexual nature, showing pornography to a child, and exposing a child to inappropriate sexual activity are all forms of childhood sexual abuse. Childhood sexual abuse by relatives occurs in families from all socioeconomic, religious, and ethnic backgrounds.

The emotional, physical, and psychological injuries caused by sexual abuse are life-altering and can last a lifetime. Medical costs, therapy bills, and other associated costs can accrue as a victim of child abuse seeks help to recover. You deserve compensation for the pain and suffering that you experienced.

Compassionate and Confidential Representation
Sexual abuse by anyone-especially a family member-creates a very delicate situation for the abuse victim, which is why it is so important to work with a child sex abuse attorney who will allow the victim to stay in control of the pace of the claims process. It can be devastating for a child to be sexually abused by anyone-especially a trusted relative.

Many cases go unreported because children are often too ashamed, confused, or scared and are unable to report the incident A child may also subconsciously choose to “repress” or forget the memory of being abused, and it can be years before he or she remembers or acknowledges the incident(s) of sexual abuse. In 2003, Attorney Klest coauthored Illinois’s 2003 Child Protection Act, which extended the statute of limitations and in certain circumstances gave sexual abuse victims more time to claim damages against their abusers.

Child sex abuse is not a matter that Mr. Klest takes lightly, and he is committed to helping injury victims obtain the maximum recovery possible for their injuries. Attorney Klest is a member of the Trial Lawyers of America-Childhood Sexual Abuse Litigation Group and the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault. He has also counseled hundreds of people that have been sexually abused.

To schedule your free, confidential case evaluation with an experienced child sexual abuse attorney in the Chicago area, call Joseph Klest, Attorney at Law, at (312) 527-2779, (630) 529-7848, or (847) 969-9510 or contact us online. Mr. Klest can travel to you if that is more convenient, and you will only pay for his legal services if he obtains your recovery.

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