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Sexual Abuse By Clergy

For more than 15 years, Chicago Sex Abuse Attorney Joseph Klest has represented clients that were sexually abused by priests or other clergy members. In 1991, he handled the first clergy child sex abuse lawsuit against a clergy member of the Catholic Church. Since then, he has represented over 100 sex abuse victims who have sought damages for their abuse injuries.

Attorney Klest is a Chicago personal injury attorney who is nationally recognized for his work in helping clergy sex abuse victims recover compensation for their sex abuse injuries caused by Roman Catholic priests and bishops, including clergy members from the different dioceses in Cook County, Lake County, Will County, and DuPage County, such as the Archdiocese of Chicago, the Catholic Diocese of Rockford, the Diocese Of Joliet, and the Diocese of Peoria.

Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Against Clergy and Church
If you or your child was molested or raped by a priest, bishop, or another member of the Catholic Church, you are entitled to compensation for injuries, pain, and suffering. Not only can you sue the perpetrator for the damages sustained from the sexual abuse, but you may also be able to sue the diocese or church where the abuse took place if the institution acted negligently or failed to act at all to prevent the abuse.

Church members often view clergy members as authority figures who are representatives of God. It is not uncommon for parents to automatically believe that priests, bishops, and archbishops are trustworthy and allow them to spend time alone with their children.

The number of known cases of boys and girls abused by clergy in the United States is in the thousands. Many of these children were sexually abused multiple times by a priest who had access to them on a regular basis. There are countless of other cases that have gone reported.

In many cases, evidence shows that the Catholic Church knew about the abuse but did nothing to prevent the clergy members from abusing more victims. Some priests were merely relocated to different dioceses, after reports of abuse surfaced, where they would abuse more innocent boys or girls.

Institutions and organizations have a legal obligation to make sure that the people that work for or represent them do not sexually abuse or assault anyone. Failure to do so is considered negligence and the organization or institution can be held liable when a representative or employee sexually assaults an adult or child.

Zealous and Compassionate Representation
Attorney Klest has handled many sexual abuse cases involving the Catholic Church and its clergy members. His clients include adults that were molested or raped by priests when they were children, the families of children who were sexually abused by clergy members, and parents whose children committed suicide because of the abuse.

Mr. Klest is sensitive to the issues and trauma experienced by sex abuse victims and he will handle your case in a manner that honors your concerns. He has the resources to pursue the maximum recovery possible for your case. He has litigated many sexual abuse cases against the Catholic Church in Ilinois’ courts, including the Illinois Supreme Court. You will only pay for his legal services if he negotiates a settlement or wins your lawsuit for you.

To schedule your free consultation with Joseph Klest, Attorney at Law, call (312) 527-2779, (630) 529-7843, or (847) 969-9510 or contact us online. Mr. Klest has law offices in Chicago and Schaumburg, Illinois, and he is ready to travel to you if necessary.

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