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Semi-trucks crush Jeep killing 7, including 4 children

Seven people, including four young children, traveling in a Jeep on Interstate 65 near Roselawn, Indiana, not far from Chicago were killed in a crash when their Jeep was crushed between two semis last Thursday night around 10 p.m.

The Jeep was reportedly stopping for traffic when a semi-truck traveling behind the vehicle failed to stop, crushing the passengers into another semi in front of them.

Such unexpected and devastating accidents happen all too often on our highways. The unimaginable devastation of loosing a loved one in such a tragedy can only be made worse when insurance companies, eager to satisfy their bottom line, try to contact grieving families in order to settle fatal accident cases as soon as possible.

Attorney, Joseph Klest has been aggressively and passionately fighting such insurance companies on behalf of accident victims in the Chicago area for over 30 years. To speak with him about this or other related topics, please dial 866-264-7639. The conversation is free and confidential.

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