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Safety Concerns Raised Regarding Megabus Bus Carrier

A recent fatal bus accident has raised concerns regarding the overall safety of large megabus double decker buses. The accident occurred on September 10, 2010, in Syracuse, New York, when a driver slammed into a bridge sheering off the top of the bus. Four passengers were killed and twenty others suffered personal injuries as a result of the bus accident. Reports indicate that the driver was lost and was driving on roadways not suitable for the massive double decker transporter.

Other passengers have now come forward sharing stories of dangerously inexperienced or unprepared megabus drivers. In one instance, a bus was pulled over by the police after numerous passengers had made emergency calls. The driver of the bus was reportedly not proficient at shifting gears and also had to ask several passengers to use navigation devices while lost.

Drivers of the double decker buses must maneuver 40 to 45 foot long buses that are up to 14 feet tall. The buses carry about 80 passengers offering rates as low as $1.00. Company policy reportedly requires lost drivers to pull over the vehicle and contact dispatch or local authorities for directions. Megabus was first introduced in Chicago, IL, in 2006.

Large scale transportation injuries are often newsworthy as they invariably involve very serious injuries. If you have any questions about injury victims’ rights of would like to speak with an attorney, please call us today.

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