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Over one hundred victims of internet child sexual exploitation identified

An investigation by Federal agents has identified 123 victims of internet child pornography perpetrated by an international operation spanning 19 U.S. states and several foreign countries. As a result of the investigation nearly 250 people were arrested.

This operation, nicknamed Sunflower, was named after Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s first successful case under its Victim Identification Program.

While law enforcement can hold perpetrators of these horrific acts criminally liable, victims are still left emotionally and psychologically scarred. The difficulty of coping with the effects of abuse leaves some victims reluctant to identify their abusers or to come forward with their stories. It is important for survivors of childhood sexual abuse to know they have rights, and enforcing those rights can be an integral part in the healing process.

Since 1991, Attorney Joseph Klest has represented over 100 victims of childhood sexual abuse, helping to pursue abusers and bring them to justice. If you or a loved one have been sexually abused, Mr. Klest would like to help you. To contact attorney Joseph Klest, Please, click here, or dial 866-264-7639.

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