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Medical Devices

Medical devices are manufactured to help a sick or injured person live longer or more comfortably. There are however, incidents that occur when a medical device that was defective caused a person to become injured or disabled. Family members may even sue a medical device manufacturer, designer, or the company or medical facility that provided the medical device for the untimely and wrongful death of a loved one.

Attorney Joseph Klest is a well-respected personal injury attorney in the Chicago area who has successfully represented many injury clients in products liability cases, including cases involving defective medical devices, foods that are not properly processed or prepared, dangerous prescription medication, defective machinery, and defective motor vehicle parts. Many of his personal injury clients come from cities throughout Will County, Cook County, DuPage County, and Lake County.

Joseph Klest, Attorney at Law has offices in Chicago and Schaumburg, Illinois. He offers all prospective clients a free consultation, and he would be happy to speak with you about the steps that you should take to preserve your claim.

Examples of some of the medical devices that-if found defective-can be named as the cause of personal injury or wrongful death in products liability claims and lawsuits:

* Hip and knee prosthetics * Wheelchairs * Guidant Pacemakers * Defibrillators * Dialysis machines * Gadolinium * Hernia patches * Orthopedic screws * Orthopedic implants * Lasik eye surgery (commonly marketed as a product, rather than a procedure)
* Cosmetic implants * Stethoscopes * Stents * Thermometers
It can be very traumatic and upsetting to know that the medical device that you thought would help you or your loved one actually was the cause of serious injury or death. Defective parts, mechanical failure, electrical problems, design errors, improper or insufficient directions, misleading packaging, insufficient testing, not enough training given to the user, mislabeling, and clinical problems are just some of the many problems that can lead to personal injury or wrongful death.

In the United States, manufacturers, sellers, and distributors of products are legally obligated to ensure that any product sent into the marketplace for consumers is free from defect. Adequate warning must be given regarding any potential hazards or danger from use. If an injured person can prove that the product was defective when it left the manufacturer, the plaintiff could have grounds for a products liability claim or lawsuit.

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