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Many Illinois Public Pools Fail to Meet Safety Standards

It has been over a year and a half since the Federal Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act was passed boosting safety standards for swimming pools nationwide, yet a recent study finds that over one thousand public pools in Illinois fail to meet the new safety standards. These pools were found to be operating in Chicago area aquatic parks, hotels, fitness clubs, apartment complexes and even some schools. In fact the study found that nearly 243 public pools fail to meet federal safety standards, yet almost all of these pools remain open.

The safety act was passed to combat faulty drains and drain covers that were implicated in causing serious injuries and even deaths in Illinois area pools. The new law mandates pools to install anti-suction drain covers with domed tops. These covers create a tighter seal and also do not contain large holes through which hair can get trapped. The most common injuries suffered at these ill-equipped pools result from entrapment in drains, entanglement of hair in drains and even rare cases of disembowelment where a swimmer’s intestines are suctioned out through a drain cover. The Illinois Department of Health has revealed that fewer than 100 of the public pools necessitating modifications have been equipped with proper drains. DuPage County has its own system of handling permitting and compliance and reports that only 20 of its 619 pools are not in compliance.

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