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Chicago surburban car-truck accident results in the death of a Joliet man

The accident occurred Monday June 9th. The Joliet Camry driver was on Archer Ave just north of 127th street in Cook County Illinois. As the driver was slowing he was rear ended by A Dodge Durango that failed to slow down. The force of the crash pushed the Camry into the path of an oncoming semi-trailer truck. The Camry driver identified as Robert Bato, 66 was pronounced dead at Loyola Medical Center late Monday evening.

The driver of the Durango received a ticket for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident and for driving without a license.

The fact that the driver of the Durango may have not had a valid license may present issues as to whether he is also validly insured. As difficult as it may be the family of Mr. Bato should consult with a knowledgeable in jury attorney as soon as possible to investigate all avenues of liability and possible methods of recovery. This may even be a case where the semi truck should be impounded to determine if the driver of the semi tractor trailer truck was speeding. Most trucks contain a so called “black box” that records the speed and braking maneuvers just before a crash. If this information is not obtained immediately it will likely be lost forever and the family may not make a full economic recovery.

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