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Joliet, IL, Priest who Attempted Suicide Charged with Sexual Abuse

A Joliet, IL, priest has been charged with four counts of criminal sexual abuse and two counts of criminal sexual assault following allegations that he molested a 13 year-old boy at a West Chicago church. Rev. Alejandro Flores, a 37 year old priest, had recently reportedly attempted suicide by falling 20 feet from a balcony at St. Mary’s Carmelite Church in Joliet, IL. Flores was found unconscious on the floor of the church on January 6th.
The allegations of childhood sexual abuse date back to Flores’s time as a semarian at St. Mary’s. The church was made aware of the allegations against Flores through an investigation by the West Chicago Police Department. The police were planning on interviewing Flores the same day that he fell from the balcony.

The former priest was released from the hospital directly to the custody of Kane County authorities yesterday. Formal sexual abuse and assault charges were brought against Flores last Friday. His bond was set at $1 million dollars. Flores is to receive screening to determine whether he should be on suicide watch according to Lt. Pat Gengler of the Kane County Sheriff’s Department. He said that a suicide attempt similar to the conduct of Flores generally warrants special attention.

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