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Jared from Subway Pleaded Guilty to Child Pornography Charges

Jared Fogle became famous as a spokesperson for the Subway sandwich restaurant chain when he lost a significant amount of weight by switching from junk food to eating only Subway. What came as a surprise to many was a news story that broke in July of this year, when FBI and local police searched Fogle’s Indiana home in relation to a child pornography investigation, after which the former pitchman’s public image irreversibly changed.

Today in Federal Court in Indianapolis, Fogle pleaded guilty to charges of of possession of child pornography as well as having sexual contact with minors as part of a plea deal cut with prosecutors. He is expected to serve up to 12 years in prison.

Nothing can reverse the devastation caused to victims of childhood sexual abuse and their families. While criminal laws are meant to protect the public from these types of horrible acts, victims may also be entitled to compensation from their abusers.

Attorney, Joseph Klest, has dedicated his career to fighting for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. To speak with Mr. Klest directly, at no charge, please call 312-380-5467.

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