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Injuries to Police Officers

Chicago Injury Attorney Joseph G. Klest has lived in the Chicago area his entire life. He has a great respect for its police officers and the risks that they take to protect Chicago’s citizens and visitors. Mr. Klest is one of the few personal injury lawyers in the Chicago area that is experienced in dealing with personal injury cases involving police officers who were hurt or killed on the job because other people acted negligently or recklessly or committed a crime. He can work with you to file your personal injury or wrongful death claim or lawsuit against all liable parties.

Causes of Injuries to Police Officers At Joseph Klest, Attorney at Law, we know that being a law enforcement officer can be a dangerous job because you are constantly placing yourself in harm’s way. Car chases, traffic accidents, getting caught in the line of gunfire, arresting violent criminals, assaults by suspects, exposure to toxic or hazardous substances, emotional and psychological trauma, physical stress, and falls while chasing a suspect on foot are just some of the many causes of personal injury that can arise when a police officer is injured while serving in the line of duty. Back injuries, spinal cord injuries, gunshot wounds, traumatic brain injuries, bruises, broken bones, severed limbs, disfigurement, depression, and wrongful death can result.

Over the years, Chicago Personal Injury Attorney Joseph Klest has successfully represented many Chicago police officers and their families. Although workers’ compensation benefits prevent police officers from suing their department or the government for work-related injuries, a police officer can file a personal injury claim or lawsuit against any other liable parties. In one recent injury case, Mr. Klest filed a personal injury lawsuit against a drunk driver that fell on the arresting police officer, who was his client.

Mr. Klest is an experienced litigator who understands the jury culture of this great city. If your personal injury or wrongful death claim cannot be settled and your case has to go to court, he has the knowledge, experience, resources, and skills to represent you.

Joseph Klest, Attorney at Law has law offices in Chicago and Schaumburg, Illinois. Mr. Klest is happy travel to you if that is more convenient. Although many of our personal injury clients reside in Cook County, DuPage County, Will County, and Lake County, our law firm continues to represent personal injury clients in cities all over Illinois.

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