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Illinois Doctors Convicted of Sexual Abuse Often Allowed to Continue to Practice

A recent report in the Chicago Tribune has uncovered that many Chicago area doctors have continued to practice medicine despite sexual abuse convictions. The article, which was published in Sunday’s newspaper, detailed how many Illinois doctors convicted of sexual abuse don’t lose their licenses and sometimes even avoid discipline altogether. The story uncovered 16 sex offenders who have held state licenses within the last year, none of which has had a permanent license revocation. Licensing of doctors in Illinois is handled by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. A spokesperson for that Department has said that doctors are customarily disciplined based upon the evidence and sentences of criminal courts. The Illinois Medical Practice Act dictates that doctor licenses will not be revoked unless the offender has been twice convicted of felonies involving controlled substances or public aid offenses. Sexual abuse offenders do not fall within this category.

Critics of the current system have pointed to the fact that even doctors that are found guilty of criminal sexual offenses have been allowed to keep their licenses or have had their licenses reinstated. The system has allowed habitual sexual offenders to continue to treat Illinois patients.

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