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Freak Accident That Left Chicago Motorist Injured Happened Twice Before

An Aurora, IL, man was seriously injured last week when an accumulation of snow and ice slid off a tractor trailer and smashed through his windshield at an overpass on Butterfield Rd. The victim, Peter Morano, now faces the prospect of losing sight in one of his eyes. According to reports, the Chicago truck accident happened while Morano was on his way to work in Warenville, IL. He was passing a large truck eastbound on Butterfield Rd. when the top of the truck went under an overpass causing a large piece of snow/ice to slide off the truck and come through his windshield. As a result of the accident, Morano has suffered a broken nose, broken bones in his face and a serious injury to his eyes. Doctors will not know whether or not Morano will have vision in the affected eye for about six months.

Subsequent reports have revealed that what was initially thought of as a freak accident has actually occurred several times. Nine years ago Tim Giometti was at the same stretch of road when an ice/snow accumulation on top of a truck hit the overpass and smashed through his windshield. Luckily neither he nor his infant son was seriously injured. Another motorist reported falling concrete and debris falling onto her vehicle from a truck that scraped the overpass.

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