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Community Remembers Special Education Teacher Killed in Chicago area Bus Accident

Residents in and around Bourbannais, IL, are mourning the loss of a loss of a 20 year veteran of the police auxiliary and special education teacher that was killed in a bus accident on Monday. The tragic accident occurred at the busy intersection of North Convent and John Casey roads in Bourbannais as the victim was escorting a special needs student to a local convenience store. Reports indicate that the bus accident victim was struck and killed as he pushed the special needs student out of the way of the bus. The driver of the River Valley Metro Mass Transit bus told police that she did not see the victim prior to the collision. Police continue to investigate the tragic bus accident and no citations have been issued to date.

The accident victim, Thomas ‘Jim’ Dunn, is now being mourned by the community in and around Bourbannais, IL. Dunn had worked as a computer technician in the Kankakee public school district prior to his becoming an aide at Camelot Therapeutic Day School in Bourbannais. He was an avid history buff and was frequent participant at adaptive baseball games and French-Indian war reenactments. The mother of the special education student whom Dunn saved was quoted as calling the deceased an ‘angel from heaven’.

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