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Chicago Ridge Village Secretary Accused of Childhood Sexual Abuse

A longtime Chicago Ridge village secretary and mother of three has been accused of using alcohol and marijuana to manipulate teenagers into engaging in sexual activity with her. The woman, Cathleen M. Miller, is accused of sexually molesting four of her daughter’s 14 and 15 year old male friends. According to reports, the alleged molestation took place in Miller’s home at 5813 W. 109th St. between February and June of this year. She now faces three counts of criminal sexual assault and one count of criminal sexual abuse.

The alleged sexual abuse reportedly came to light when one of the boys posted an apology to Miller’s daughter on Facebook. The young teen’s parents reportedly saw the posting and went to the police. Miller has been barred from contact with her 14 year old daughter because the girl allegedly witnessed some of the alleged acts of sexual abuse. Miller’s bail has been set at $900,000.00 by the Circuit Court of Cook County’s 5th District in Bridgeview, IL. Miller had reportedly recently separated from her husband claiming she suffered a long history of physical and emotional abuse. Miller’s sister has taken custody of her children as the Illinois DCFS investigates the sexual abuse allegations.

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