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Chicago DUI Car Accident Leaves Two Hospitalized

An alcohol related car crash on September 6th left two drivers seriously injured on Chicago’s west side. The Chicago car accident occurred near O’Connor Drive and Thatcher Ave. around 6:21 a,m. in River Grove, IL. According to reports, a 20 year old male motorist was allegedly travelling northbound in the southbound lanes of Thatcher Ave. when he ran head on into a southbound vehicle. Both the at-fault driver and the victim were immediately sent to the hospital.

River Grove Police have reported that the Chicago car accident victim suffered multiple fractures and very serious body bruising. She was in the hospital for three days before being sent home. The wrong way driver was also hospitalized as a result of the crash. That driver is now facing two felony counts of aggravated driving while under the influence as a result of the crash. The driver has also been charged with driving without a license, failing to provide proof of insurance and illegal transportation of open alcohol. His bond was set at $150,000. The accident remains under investigation.

Drunk driver car accidents often occur at high speeds with very unfortunate results. If you or someone you know has been involved in an alcohol related car crash, you should speak with an attorney immediately to preserve crucial evidence and protect your case. To speak with an experienced injury attorney, please click here.

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