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Chicago Doctor Accused of Sexual Abuse

A Chicago area doctor is facing numerous allegations of sexual abuse as several former patients have come forward claiming that they were raped or otherwise abused. The doctor, Bruce Smith, is originally from New York and had completed a stint in the Army and attended the University of Hartford prior to his attending Loyola University in Chicago. He performed his residency at Mt. Sinai Hospital and began working at the South Side’s Kennedy Medical Service Corp. shortly thereafter. Dr. Smith subsequently spent time working at Michael Reese Hospital before launching his own practice called Cameo Women’s Healthcare.

The first sexual abuse allegation against Smith occurred in May of 2000 while Smith was working at Kennedy Medical Service Corp. During that time period one of Smith’s patients, 19 year old Tameka Stokes, claims that she was raped while receiving a pelvic exam. In total seven women came forward alleging either rape or sexual misconduct against Smith before any action was taken by law enforcement or the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Smith’s medical license was suspended in October of 2009 for a minimum period of nine months. The Cook County States Attorneys Office had previously reviewed the rape allegations and declined to press charges. Several of those earlier victims have been recently contacted by detectives.

Illinios law recognizes sexual exploitation in the doctor-patient relationship. If you have been sexually abused by a doctor, you should contact a personal injury attorney to investigate the facts surrounding the abuse. Chicago sexual abuse lawyer Joseph G. Klest has over twenty eight years of experience handling sexual abuse claims in Illinois. To contact the Klest Law Firm please click here.

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