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Chicago car accident sends 5 to hospital in critical condition

Police are investigating a car accident involving two taxi cabs that happened just before midnight on Saturday in Chicago’s River North neighborhood near the intersection of Orleans and Locust. The events that lead to the crash are still unclear; however some media outlets are reporting that the two taxis collided sending one into a light pole and the other into some cars parked nearby. Five people were rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Some media reports have indicated that the cab drivers may have been involved in some type of altercation before the crash. Often, civil cases that arise out of an auto accident proceed under a theory of negligence, in which case it may be necessary to prove that the driver at fault breached a duty of care. In some cases, the driver who caused the crash may have not only breached a duty of care, but may have acted recklessly or intentionally, disregarding the safety of others.

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