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Chicago Boy Killed in Workplace Accident

A Chicago youth was killed earlier this month at a South Side worksite when he fell off his father’s lap as the man was operating a Bobcat. The tragic accident occurred at a construction site outside a building on the 8000 block of South Ellis Avenue which was being converted to condominiums. According to reports, the boy was fatally injured when the father backed the Bobcat off a curb causing the front-loader to jerk and the bucket to fall. The young boy fell forward out of his father’s arms and out of the Bobcat. He was mortally wounded by the falling bucket of dirt. The boy was pronounced dead at 10:42 a.m. on August 12th at the University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital.

Family members related that the father would routinely bring the boy with him to worksites in an effort to both save money on child care and spend time with the boy. The boy was getting ready to start 4th grade at Sawyer Elementary School in Gage Park, IL.

The tragic workplace fatality serves as a reminder of the potential severity of workplace injuries. A Chicago personal injury attorney can help victims of workplace injuries explore potential avenues of recovery. If you have any questions regarding workplace injuries or would otherwise like to speak to a lawyer please call us today.

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