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Authorities charged the truck driver involved in the wreck on I-55 Mondaythat resulted in the loss of five lives with speeding before the crash. The deaths were the result of two separate crashes that happened on Interstate 55 near Channahon, IL, as the speeding truck quickly changed lanes in a construction area failing to stop striking three cars that were stopped in traffic, smashing them together.

Truck accidents are particularly dangerous simply because of the immense size of the vehicles involved. Semi-trucks speeding in a construction zone are likely to not have enough space to come to a safe stop when other cars slow down for traffic. All the more reason for truck drivers to be diligent about following the rules of the road. Truck drivers can often avoid accidents and loss of life simply by staying alert and following the rules. It is a truck driver’s most basic responsibility to care for the safety of other people they share the road with.

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A head-on collision involving three semi-trailers on I-90 approaching Illinois Route 47 caused lengthy traffic delays on Thursday morning.

According to the Illinois State Police, a truck heading eastbound had somehow crossed the median in to on-coming traffic, crashing into another trailer heading in the opposite direction.

The full extent of the injuries has not been reported yet, however emergency medical personnel did arrive at the scene, and at least one person was transported to a hospital as a result of the crash.

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Both vehicles were engulfed in flames after the truck accident. Some students escaped form the bus wreckage by breaking windows. This after a FedEx truck veered across a California highway slamming into a bus carrying high school students on a college visit. The Crash happened before 6:00 p.m. near Orland, California, a town approximately 100 miles outside of Sacramento.

With lives lost and many injured, it is incredibly important that the rights of the victims and their families are properly protected. Attorney, Joseph Klest, of the Klest Injury Law Firm has over 30 years of experience fighting for victim’s rights, including prosecuting truck negligence cases, also involving FedEx.

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Authorities have closed the inbound lanes of the Dan Ryan near 91st Street after a fatal crash involving a semi truck and another driver on Friday afternoon.

Crashes involving large truck can often lead to serious injuries or even death. With trucks taking up so much space on the road, sometimes other drivers can do nothing to prevent a collision with a negligent or reckless truck driver.

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Seven people, including four young children, traveling in a Jeep on Interstate 65 near Roselawn, Indiana, not far from Chicago were killed in a crash when their Jeep was crushed between two semis last Thursday night around 10 p.m.

The Jeep was reportedly stopping for traffic when a semi-truck traveling behind the vehicle failed to stop, crushing the passengers into another semi in front of them.

Such unexpected and devastating accidents happen all too often on our highways. The unimaginable devastation of loosing a loved one in such a tragedy can only be made worse when insurance companies, eager to satisfy their bottom line, try to contact grieving families in order to settle fatal accident cases as soon as possible.

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Truck accidents can cause serious injuries. A typical commercial truck can weigh over 80,000 pounds. Passenger cars average only about 3,000 pounds. Simply the size and weight of a truck compared to a car is a huge contributing factor in how dangerous a crash can be.

The main theory of liability in truck accident cases is negligence. Generally, negligence is shown when a defendant owes a duty to the injured party to exercise reasonable care; the defendant breached that duty; the breach was the cause of the injury; and the plaintiff was harmed.

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A 29-year old man died early Thursday morning after his car crashed into a dump truck that made an illegal turn on the Stevenson Expy. According to Illinois State Police, the truck was traveling southbound on the expressway when it used the poice and fire turnaround lane to enter northbound traffic. The 29-year-old driver of the car that struck the dump truck was taken to MacNeal Hospital in Berwyn where he died the same day.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of this accident is that it could have been prevented. Truck drivers share highways and roads with passenger vehicles, and they have a duty to follow traffic law. This is incredibly important because a may cause death or serious bodily injury to other travelers.

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A Chicago truck accident claimed the life of a Chicago man yesterday morning. The fatal truck accident occurred on the 17100 block of South Halsted St. in East Hazel Crest, IL. According to published reports, a truck driver had stalled at the intersection of 171st St. and Halsted and had exited his truck in order to wave down other motorists. He was then struck by another semi truck and pinned between the two oversized vehicles.

The victim, who was a resident of the 3300 block of W. 79th St., was reportedly rushed to Ingalls Memorial Hospital. He was pronounced dead at 7:37 a.m. according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office. Police have indicated that the driver of the truck that pinned the victim was issued a citation. The truck accident remains under investigation by local authorities.

Truck accidents are often deadly due to the size and mass of the vehicles involved in the collision. The United States Department of Transportation estimates that about 500,000 trucking accidents occur each year in the United States. These accidents result in around 5,000 fatalities per year. Given these accident statistics, Chicago motorists are urged to take extra precaution when driving near or around trucks.

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A Wisconsin man was killed today when the truck he was driving was struck by a tire that fell from a school bus near Racine, WI. The tragic truck accident occurred on Wisconsin State Highway 20 near State Highway 75 in Racine County. According to reports, the school bus was returning to Chicago when its two rear wheels fell off. One of those errant tires struck the front of a pick-up truck the deceased was driving in the opposite direction on Highway 20. The driver of the pick-up truck suffered severe brain injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene of the fatal accident. The deceased was a 23 year old resident of East Troy, WI.

Reports indicate that none of the passengers aboard the Chicago bound school bus were injured. The bus was reportedly transporting a group of Chicago college students home from a day at Alpine Valley Ski Resort in East Troy, WI. No citations were issued at the scene of the fatal bus accident. The matter is still being investigated by local authorities.

Highway accidents involving large vehicles such as trucks or buses can be very severe. If you or someone you know has been involved in this type of accident, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible to investigate the accident and protect your rights.

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An Indiana woman was killed early Wednesday morning when her vehicle was struck by a truck in South Suburban Crete, IL. The fatal Chicago area truck accident occurred at the intersection of Sterger Road and Route 394 in the Crete Township. According to reports, a southbound truck on Route 394 failed to stop at the intersection colliding with a Chrysler sedan that was eastbound on Steger Rd. The driver of the sedan was pronounced dead at the scene of the fatal Chicago truck crash at 7:10 a.m. There were no other passengers in the Chicago car accident victim’s vehicle.

The driver of the truck was issued a citation for disobeying a traffic control device and failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. He was reportedly hauling hogs when the fatal south suburban car accident occurred. The crash reportedly started in Cook County and ended in Will County prompting State Police District Chicago to investigate the accident. The Will County coroner has performed an autopsy on the Chicago car crash victim and determined that the death resulted from injuries sustained in the crash. The circumstances surrounding the fatal crash are still being investigated.

Chicago area vehicle accidents involving trucks tend to be more serious than others. If you or someone you know has been involved in a Chicago area truck accident or you would like more information relative to truck accidents in Illinois, contact the Klest Injury Law Firm today.

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