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Medical devices are manufactured to help a sick or injured person live longer or more comfortably. There are however, incidents that occur when a medical device that was defective caused a person to become injured or disabled. Family members may even sue a medical device manufacturer, designer, or the company or medical facility that provided the medical device for the untimely and wrongful death of a loved one.

Attorney Joseph Klest is a well-respected personal injury attorney in the Chicago area who has successfully represented many injury clients in products liability cases, including cases involving defective medical devices, foods that are not properly processed or prepared, dangerous prescription medication, defective machinery, and defective motor vehicle parts. Many of his personal injury clients come from cities throughout Will County, Cook County, DuPage County, and Lake County.

Joseph Klest, Attorney at Law has offices in Chicago and Schaumburg, Illinois. He offers all prospective clients a free consultation, and he would be happy to speak with you about the steps that you should take to preserve your claim.

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Doctors and pharmacists are required to ensure that a patient gets the proper prescription and dosage. When a patient has an allergic reaction, becomes even more sick, or dies because of a prescription error or pharmacy misfill, the injured patient or the surviving family members of the deceased have the right to file a medical malpractice claim against any negligent parties.

Chicago medical malpractice law firm Joseph Klest, Attorney at Law, represents medical malpractice clients in pharmacy misfill and prescription error cases throughout Will County, DuPage County, Lake County, Cook County, and elsewhere in Illinois. In one recent case, Attorney Klest was able negotiate a $3.2 million settlement for a woman who experienced kidney failure because of the prescription that her doctor had prescribed.

Causes of Drug Reactions
A patient may become seriously ill or die because the drug that was prescribed is a dangerous drug that a manufacturer and the FDA allowed to enter the marketplace. Attorney Klest is also a successful Chicago lawyer who has filed many products liability claims and lawsuits against manufacturers of dangerous drugs. He knows how to determine whether a prescription error, a pharmacy misfill, or an act of manufacturing negligence lead to a person’s injuries or death and whether a doctor, a pharmacist, a nurse, and/or a drug manufacturer should be held liable.

Common Prescription and Pharmacy Misfill Errors:

* Prescribing the wrong drug * Prescribing too strong a dose * Failure to inquire whether a patient has certain allergies * Failure to inquire whether the patient is taking any other medications * Filling the wrong prescription drug because the doctor’s handwriting on the prescription note was Illegible * Pharmacy negligence or carelessness * Filling the right prescription with wrong drug * Giving the right prescription to the wrong patient * Not giving the patient the proper instructions for how to take the medicine * Prescribing a combination of prescription drugs that are dangerous when used together
The American Pharmaceutical Association is one of several professional organizations that have rules that doctors and pharmacists have to follow to make sure that prescription errors and pharmacy misfills do not occur. When a patient gets sick, seriously injured, or dies because these rules were not followed, the medical provider responsible for the negligent or careless mistake can be sued for medical malpractice.

Dangerous Drugs
Frequently, drug reactions or related injures and deaths are downplayed by the manufacturer. It is only through careful investigation and study of the history of the drug’s use and reactions to it that dangerous drugs can be discovered. This frequently takes place through the course of litigation against the drug manufacturer.
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It is the legal responsibility of a manufacturer and the seller of a product to ensure that a product is not defective or dangerous to users in any way. Companies have to provide proper warning if any part of a product is unsafe or if using it in a certain way can prove hazardous to a person’s health or physical safety. If you were injured because a product that you were using or were exposed to was defective or the manufacturer failed to let you know that there was a danger involved in using the product, you could have grounds to file a products lawsuit against any negligent parties.

Chicago Injury Attorney Joseph Klest is a well-respected lawyer who has successfully represented many victims that were injured or lost loved ones because of dangerous or defective products. He represents clients and their families throughout Illinois, including injury victims from Will County, DuPage County, Lake County, and Cook County. He and his team of products liability attorneys will develop creative solutions to your case and zealously pursue your recovery to get you the compensation that you deserve.

Grounds for Products Liability Cases in Illinois In Illinois, an injured person or the family of a person that died because of a defective product can file a products liability claim if he or she can prove that the product was already dangerous when it left the manufacturer’s control-even if the manufacturer followed the correct steps to ensure the product was safe for use-and there was no warning to indicate the risk of unreasonable danger.