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Birth Trauma

It can be devastating for a mother and father to have their child sustain a serious physical or medical condition because of the medical negligence or carelessness of a doctor, nurse, or another medical care provider. Injuries from birth trauma are often life-altering and can affect a child for the rest of his or her life.

If your son or daughter has suffered serious injuries as a result of a birthing-related medical error in Chicago or anywhere else in DuPage County, Will County, Cook County, or Lake County, Illinois, you should contact Chicago birth injury lawyer Joseph Klest right away.

Attorney Klest has helped many clients in the Chicago area and in cities throughout Illinois obtain compensation for their children’s birth injuries, and related corrective surgeries, adaptive equipment, therapy, special education needs, ongoing medical care, home remodeling costs, and other expenses.

Birth Trauma and Injuries Unfortunately, birth injuries caused by medical malpractice are not uncommon. Medical malpractice during delivery commonly occurs because a doctor did not recognize the symptoms of fetal distress or did not perform a cesarean birth in time to avoid causing trauma. Other causes of birth injuries include:

* Failure to induce labor when the fetus is in distress * Failure to plan/perform a c-section after noticing fetal distress * Failure to monitor the fetus for distress * Improper use of forceps * Failure to properly monitor and treat preeclampsia * Leaving the baby in the birth canal longer than necessary * Medical errors prior to delivery * Wrong diagnosis * Improper use of vacuum extraction
Many medical malpractice errors could have been prevented if your doctor or other health care provider had provided you with the standard of care required by the state of Illinois.

Birthing injuries caused by medical errors include:

* Brachial palsy * Cerebral palsy * Erb’s palsy * Brain damage * Shoulder dystocia * Facial paralysis * Fractures * Broken bones * Forcep marks * Bruising * Caput succedaneum
You and your child deserve to be compensated for the medical and long-term care that your son or daughter may need to lead as normal and productive a life as possible.

Attorney Klest will zealously pursue your recovery so that you can obtain the financial resources that you need to give your child the medical care and treatments that he or she may require in the coming years. Mr. Klest can also determine whether the hospital or birthing facility where your baby was injured should also be held liable for the trauma that your child and your family experienced. Visit our medical malpractice page for more information.

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