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Bicyclist hit by opening car door in Chicago dies of head injury

Clinton Miceli age 22 died of head injuries he received Monday on the north side of Chicago when the driver of a parked SUV opened his door into Miceli’s path.

On Tuesday another bike rider was struck by a CTA bus and injured.

It seems that the streets of Chicago are becoming less and less safe for bike riders as the city is trying to encourage more and more people to bike to work. Gas prices are also adding to the bike traffic, while drivers are more and more distracted by cell phones and other electronic devices.

I would encourage all bike riders to ride defensively and assume that they are not seen by people driving cars. They should also use designated bike lanes when possible and always always wear a helmet.

If the City of Chicago wants to encourage more people to ride their bikes the should be more proactive in developing wider bike lanes, perhaps even eliminating parking lanes and converting them to wide bike lanes on the heaviest bike trafficked roads.

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