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At least 11 Passengers Injured in CTA Blueline Accident

According to preliminary reports at least 11 people have been injured in a collision between two Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) trains stopped near the Harlem Blueline station. At approximately 8:00 a.m. this morning a CTA train crashed into another train that was stopped at the Harlem station on the line…


Red-light cameras to be turned back on in Elk Grove Village

Eight months ago, Elk Grove Village turned off its red-light cameras on Busse Road and Devon Avenue. Since then, traffic accidents at that intersection increased nearly three times. From January to August of this year there were 29 crashes, compared to last hear where there were only 10. This has…


Chicago Based Amtrak Train Accident Leaves Five Dead

A collision between a California bound Amtrak train and a truck resulted in five deaths earlier this morning. The Amtrak train had reportedly left Chicago on Wednesday and was in Nevada about 300 miles from its destination when the accident occurred. The Amtrak train, California Zephyr, operates daily trips between…


Train Signals were not Properly Functioning at Intersection Prior to Tragic Illinois Train Accident

Officials from the Canadian National Railway (CNR) have admitted that track signals at the Stuenkel Rd. intersection were not functioning properly last Friday night when a young dance instructor was hit by a train. The fatal Chicago area train accident occurred on the Amtrak tracks in University Park, IL, about…