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Brain Monitors Reduce the Risk Associated with General Anesthesia

A study by the American Society of Anesthesiologists in April of 2009 revealed that there were 2,211 anesthesia related deaths between 1999 and 2005. Of these deaths, 47% were the result of general anesthesia overdose – a preventable medical error. The problem for anesthesiologists is finding a balance between an…


Chicago Sun Times Executive Death Ruled Accidental Prompting Response from Medicare

The death of Chicago Sun Times Chairman James Tyree was ruled an accident last week on the heels of an investigation that revealed he died from an air embolism. The tragedy has prompted Medicare to release a statement regarding the payment of treatment considered medical error. Tyree was being treated…


Illinois Supreme Court Strikes down Medical Malpractice Caps

The Illinois Supreme Court determined that a 2005 Illinois law limiting damages awards in medical malpractice cases violates the state constitution earlier this month. The law limited non-economic damages such as pain suffering and not actual damages such as present and future medical bills. The case before the high Court,…


$3.2 Million Kidney Failure Settlment – Our Successes

CHICAGO DAILY LAW BULLETIN Friday, September 14, 2001 In Circuit Court Cook County Circuit Judge Daniel M. Locallo, on Monday approved a $3,215,000 settlement in the case of a woman who claimed her kidneys failed because of medical malpractice. C.H. had been prescribed lithium, which is potentially harmful to the…