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Acting Quickly Can Help Preserve Camera Footage of Car Accidents

There are more cameras in public places now then there ever were before, and camera footage is often used to aid police in criminal investigations. Increasingly though, accident victims are also benefiting from the use pictures and video from public cameras in their cases.

Take, for instance, a car accident that occurs at an airport departure drop-off point. Or, a collision near a Chicago street camera. Many municipalities put cameras inside buses and trains that are part of a city’s public transportation system.

With the advent of digital video, it has become much easier and more practice to store large amounts of data. However, digital storage is not infinite. Because video can only be stored for a limited time to make room for future footage, it is important to act fast to preserve evidence in an accident case.

Fortunately, when it comes to information stored by government entities, there are rules in place to help the public obtain access to it. The Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, is a set of federal and state laws insuring people have the right to request information held by national, state, and local agencies.

When requesting information, including video from a local government agency, it’s important to determine where the proper agency or office is in order to send a request. Asking the right source for the right information quickly can tremendously aid in that process.

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