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A man riding a bicycle suffered serious head injuries in Chicago

A bicyclist suffered serious head injuries on Lasalle Street in Chicago Monday night when the driver of a parked car opened the door in his path. The bicycle rider was thrown under an on coming car and suffered critical head injuries.

Four bicycle riders have been killed this year riding their bikes on the streets of Chicago.

Several years ago I represented the family of a man who died in a similar accident on Fullerton Avenue in Chicago. He was riding his bike to work when the driver of a parked car opened his door without looking back and pushed him under the wheels of a tractor trailer truck.

The jury held that the driver who opened the car door and the truck driver were each 50% at fault for the death of the bicyclist. The jury awarded a substantial 7 figure verdict which greatly helped the family of the bike rider. Without the jury award the family would have been impoverished. Because of the jury award the children were able to finish school in a good suburban school and the mom was able to be around to help keep them out of trouble. I recently ran into one of the boys and he told me that they are all doing great.

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