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A Chicago worker was exposed to toxic fumes which resulted in his death at a Chicago chocolate factory

Gerardo Castillo of Chicago was killed by fumes that were released when some substance was mixed into the chocolate. OSHA and the Chicago Fire Department are investigating the cause of his death and trying to determine the source of the fumes. The investigation may take several weeks
I would encourage the family of Mr. Castillo to retain a knowledgable experienced lawyer to help preserve any evidence. While OSHA may do a thorough job of investigating, because of cut backs they may not have the resources to develop all of the evidence necessary to prosecute a wrongful death claim should some third party company be responsible for the fumes. It might benefit the family if they had their own attorney help look out for their interests.They should retain someone who has more than just workers compensation experience as there my be others that are liable for the injuries that caused his death.

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