July 31, 2013

12-year-old Girl Contracts Deadly Parasitic Meningitis at Water Park

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that a 12-year-old girl in Arkansas contracted a rare form of meningitis caused by a brain-eating amoeba. This form of parasitic meningitis, usually found in freshwater or soil can enter body through a person's nose, where it can then move to the brain, often causing death.

Following this incident, the Arkansas Department of Health closed down the Willow Springs Water Park in Arkansas, where it is suspected that the young girl contracted the disease.

A previous case of parasitic meningitis reported in 2010 was also thought to be linked to the same water park.

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September 14, 2011

Possible claims for injured workers

Attorney Joseph Klest has over 29 years of experience representing clients who have been injured in the workplace.

Injured workers may have more than one available avenue towards recovery. Possible claims may arise against both employers and other, third parties.

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August 22, 2011

How do I choose an injury lawyer?

Choosing the right lawyer is one of the most important factors for the success of your case. It’s a decision that should be made with care. If you are ever faced with this difficult decision, two basic factors you may wish to consider are a lawyer’s experience and area of practice.

Much like doctors, attorney’s often concentrate in a particular practice area. If you needed hip replacement surgery, you would most likely go to see an orthopedic surgeon and not a cardiologist. Similarly, you wouldn’t consult a divorce lawyer if you were injured in a car accident.

Don’t be afraid to ask any lawyer you speak with how long he or she has been practicing and what type of law they practice.

The Klest injury law firm has been dedicated to helping injured people for nearly thirty years. Our firm only handles cases of seriously injured people seeking compensation from the people and institutions responsible. I am proud to say that we’ve helped hundreds of clients recover the money they need to pay their medical bills, support their families and be compensated for their injuries.

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September 28, 2010

Safety Concerns Raised Regarding Megabus Bus Carrier

A recent fatal bus accident has raised concerns regarding the overall safety of large megabus double decker buses. The accident occurred on September 10, 2010, in Syracuse, New York, when a driver slammed into a bridge sheering off the top of the bus. Four passengers were killed and twenty others suffered personal injuries as a result of the bus accident. Reports indicate that the driver was lost and was driving on roadways not suitable for the massive double decker transporter.

Other passengers have now come forward sharing stories of dangerously inexperienced or unprepared megabus drivers. In one instance, a bus was pulled over by the police after numerous passengers had made emergency calls. The driver of the bus was reportedly not proficient at shifting gears and also had to ask several passengers to use navigation devices while lost.

Drivers of the double decker buses must maneuver 40 to 45 foot long buses that are up to 14 feet tall. The buses carry about 80 passengers offering rates as low as $1.00. Company policy reportedly requires lost drivers to pull over the vehicle and contact dispatch or local authorities for directions. Megabus was first introduced in Chicago, IL, in 2006.

Large scale transportation injuries are often newsworthy as they invariably involve very serious injuries. If you have any questions about injury victims’ rights of would like to speak with an attorney, please call us today.

August 11, 2010

Many Illinois Public Pools Fail to Meet Safety Standards

It has been over a year and a half since the Federal Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act was passed boosting safety standards for swimming pools nationwide, yet a recent study finds that over one thousand public pools in Illinois fail to meet the new safety standards. These pools were found to be operating in Chicago area aquatic parks, hotels, fitness clubs, apartment complexes and even some schools. In fact the study found that nearly 243 public pools fail to meet federal safety standards, yet almost all of these pools remain open.

The safety act was passed to combat faulty drains and drain covers that were implicated in causing serious injuries and even deaths in Illinois area pools. The new law mandates pools to install anti-suction drain covers with domed tops. These covers create a tighter seal and also do not contain large holes through which hair can get trapped. The most common injuries suffered at these ill-equipped pools result from entrapment in drains, entanglement of hair in drains and even rare cases of disembowelment where a swimmer’s intestines are suctioned out through a drain cover. The Illinois Department of Health has revealed that fewer than 100 of the public pools necessitating modifications have been equipped with proper drains. DuPage County has its own system of handling permitting and compliance and reports that only 20 of its 619 pools are not in compliance.

If you have been an injury victim in a Chicago area pool you should contact an attorney immediately to investigate your claim and protect your rights. The Klest Law Firm has over twenty eight years of experience handling injury claims in and around Chicago. To speak with an attorney, please call us today.

June 9, 2008

Jose Manual Chavez, padre de cuatro de Berwyn, Illinois, fue identificado como el trabajador de carretera que fue matado en la carretera I 57 ayer en Chicago.

El Sr. Chavez fue matado cuando una carro lo atropello y el chofer huio del accidente. El chofer del carro fue aprehendido con cargos pendientes. Otro trabajador de carretera tambien sufrio heridas en la cabeza en el mismo accidente.

En el teimpo del accidente el Sr. Chavez estaba recogiendo un signo o un barricada como parte de su trabjajo para la Corporacion de Seguridad de las Carreteras en Addison, Illinois.

21 personas fueron matadas el ano pasado en zonas de trabajo de carretera, la mayoria fueron automovilista, dos fueron trabajadores de carreteras.

En mi opinion no hacen los sufficiente para el seguro de los automovilistas y trabajadores en zonas de trabajo. Hay muchos procedimientos de seguridad que pueden llevar acabo para aumentar la seguridad. Muchos de estos procedimientos no son implementados para ahorrar dinero. En mis 25 anos de manejar lessiones de zona de construccion yo e visto muchas implementaciones de procedimientos como el resultado de las demandas de accidents y muertes que podian ver sido prevenidas.

En muchos casos no es hasta que las companias de construccion reconocen que les costara mas en ignorar el procedimiento que implementar el procedimiento que empiezan a tomar los pasos necessarios para la seguridad.

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September 26, 2006

Elder Abuse - Possible Indicators of Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation

The following descriptions are not necessarily proof of abuse, neglect, or exploitation. But they may be clues that a problem exists, and that a report needs to be made to law enforcement or Adult Protective Services.

Physical Signs

* Injury that has not been cared for properly
* Injury that is inconsistent with explanation for its cause
* Pain from touching
* Cuts, puncture wounds, burns, bruises, welts
* Dehydration or malnutrition without illness-related cause
* Poor coloration
* Sunken eyes or cheeks
* Inappropriate administration of medication
* Soiled clothing or bed
* Frequent use of hospital or health care/doctor-shopping
* Lack of necessities such as food, water, or utilities
* Lack of personal effects, pleasant living environment, personal items
* Forced isolation

Behavioral Signs

* Fear
* Anxiety, agitation
* Anger
* Isolation, withdrawal Depression
* Non-responsiveness, resignation, ambivalence
* Contradictory statements, implausible stories
* Hesitation to talk openly
* Confusion or disorientation

Signs by Caregiver

* Prevents elder from speaking to or seeing visitors
* Anger, indifference, aggressive behavior toward elder
* History of substance abuse, mental illness, criminal behavior, or family violence
* Lack of affection toward elder
* Flirtation or coyness as possible indicator of inappropriate sexual relationships
* Conflicting accounts of incidents
* Withholds affection
* Talks of elder as a burden

Signs of Financial Abuse

* Frequent expensive gifts from elder to caregiver
* Elder's personal belongings, papers, credit cards missing
* Numerous unpaid bills
* A recent will when elder seems incapable of writing will
* Caregiver's name added to bank account
* Elder unaware of monthly income
* Elder signs on loan
* Frequent checks made out to "cash"
* Unusual activity in bank account
* Irregularities on tax return
* Elder unaware of reason for appointment with banker or attorney
* Caregiver's refusal to spend money on elder
* Signatures on checks or legal documents that do not resemble elder's signature

April 16, 2006

Injuries to Police Officers

Chicago Injury Attorney Joseph G. Klest has lived in the Chicago area his entire life. He has a great respect for its police officers and the risks that they take to protect Chicago's citizens and visitors. Mr. Klest is one of the few personal injury lawyers in the Chicago area that is experienced in dealing with personal injury cases involving police officers who were hurt or killed on the job because other people acted negligently or recklessly or committed a crime. He can work with you to file your personal injury or wrongful death claim or lawsuit against all liable parties.

Causes of Injuries to Police Officers
At Joseph Klest, Attorney at Law, we know that being a law enforcement officer can be a dangerous job because you are constantly placing yourself in harm's way. Car chases, traffic accidents, getting caught in the line of gunfire, arresting violent criminals, assaults by suspects, exposure to toxic or hazardous substances, emotional and psychological trauma, physical stress, and falls while chasing a suspect on foot are just some of the many causes of personal injury that can arise when a police officer is injured while serving in the line of duty. Back injuries, spinal cord injuries, gunshot wounds, traumatic brain injuries, bruises, broken bones, severed limbs, disfigurement, depression, and wrongful death can result.

Over the years, Chicago Personal Injury Attorney Joseph Klest has successfully represented many Chicago police officers and their families. Although workers' compensation benefits prevent police officers from suing their department or the government for work-related injuries, a police officer can file a personal injury claim or lawsuit against any other liable parties. In one recent injury case, Mr. Klest filed a personal injury lawsuit against a drunk driver that fell on the arresting police officer, who was his client.

Mr. Klest is an experienced litigator who understands the jury culture of this great city. If your personal injury or wrongful death claim cannot be settled and your case has to go to court, he has the knowledge, experience, resources, and skills to represent you.

Joseph Klest, Attorney at Law has law offices in Chicago and Schaumburg, Illinois. Mr. Klest is happy travel to you if that is more convenient. Although many of our personal injury clients reside in Cook County, DuPage County, Will County, and Lake County, our law firm continues to represent personal injury clients in cities all over Illinois.

To request your free consultation with Joseph Klest, Attorney at Law, contact us online or call us at (847) 969-9510, (312) 527-2779, or (630) 529-7848 today.

January 15, 2006

Personal Injury

At Joseph Klest, Attorney at Law, we are exclusively devoted to representing personal injury clients injured and around the Chicago area and in other cities throughout Illinois. We have successfully handled every kind of personal injury case imaginable, and we have the experience, skills, and resources to achieve the best outcome for your case.

Our law firm has offices that are conveniently located in Chicago and Schaumburg, Illinois, and we are easily accessible to all our personal injury clients. Many of our clients are from Will County, Cook County, DuPage County, and Lake County.

We genuinely love what we do because we get to help people like you get the compensation that you need for your injury accident that was caused by someone else's negligence or carelessness. We know how frustrated and helpless you must feel. We will do everything we can to help you acquire the financial resources you need to heal and become whole again.

Our law firm offers zealous and creative legal representation in the following areas of personal injury law:

* Car Accidents
* Truck Accidents
* Motorcycle Accidents
* Train Accidents
* Airplane Accidents
* Construction Accidents
* Traumatic Brain Injuries
* Injuries to Police Officers
* Products Liability
o Machinery
o Food/Drugs
o Medical Devices
* Legal Malpractice/Failure to File
* Wrongful Death
* Medical Malpractice
o Physician Malpractice
o Failure to Diagnose Cancer
o Surgical Malpractice
o Nursing Malpractice
o Anesthesia Malpractice
o Drug Reactions
o Birth Trauma
* Childhood Sexual Abuse
o Sexual Abuse by a Family Member
o Sexual Abuse by a Teacher or a Coach
o Sexual Abuse by Clergy

Mr. Klest is an experienced and nationally renowned Chicago personal injury lawyer who has more than 25 years experience successfully representing thousands of personal injury clients. He provides thoughtful and knowledgeable counsel to all his clients and will personally manage every area of your case.

He will work with his team of experienced investigators and experts to achieve the best outcome possible for you. His law firm is known for successfully representing injured persons in personal injury cases that other attorneys had turned down because they thought of the cases as "hopeless."

Damages that Can Be Recovered for Personal Injury in Illinois
In Illinois, damages that can be brought against a liable party for personal injury can include:

* Property damage
* Medical costs related to your accident
* Income lost during your recovery
* Permanent disability or disfigurement
* Emotional trauma and suffering
* Other costs incurred by your injuries

Joseph Klest is a well-respected trial lawyer with an excellent track record for reaching injury settlements through negotiations and winning lawsuits in court.

Visit our Successes page to read about our law firm's most recent case victories.

We want to help you collect the maximum recovery for your injuries. This means that even as we provide you with the best resources and our best efforts to help you recover the maximum compensation possible, we will make sure that the bulk of your compensation amount will go toward your needs. You will only pay us if we recover for you.

Do not hesitate to call us just because other personal injury lawyers have turned you down. Contact Joseph Klest, Attorney at Law, to schedule your free consultation. Our phone numbers are (847) 969-9510, (312) 527-2779, and (630) 529-7848. You can also contact us online.

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