Posted On: August 30, 2011

Illinois Gov. signs new law limiting convicted sex offender contact with children conceived from sex abuse.

Illinois Governor, Pat Quinn signed legislation this week that limits a convicted sex offender’s ability to have contact with children that were conceived as a result of sexual abuse. The law protects those children by blocking the convicted sex offender father from any proceedings in child protection cases. The new rule also prevents the convicted sex offender father from receiving access to the victim or court appointed counsel in those cases. The law does not relieve the offender of his obligation to pay child support. Other states, including New York and New Jersey have similar measures in place.

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Posted On: August 26, 2011

FBI arrest suburban Chicago man on child porn charges

The FBI arrested Christopher Kice, 41, of the 1100 block of Callaway Drive West in Shorewood this week for possession of child pornography. FBI officials stated they suspect Kice may have produced some of the images inside his home in suburban Chicago. He is charged with felony possession of child pornography.

FBI officials are asking anyone who may have information regarding this case to call 312-421-6700.

Along with criminal prosecution, Federal Law also provides a civil remedy to victims of child pornography. Under 18 U.S.C., Section 2252A(f), victims of child pornography have the right to commence a civil action to seek to recover injunctive relief and damages.

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Posted On: August 25, 2011

Protests erupt over Buddhist monk accused of sexual assault

Buddhist monk, Boa-Ubol, has been living and studying in a Buddhist temple in Long Beach, California for the past few years. Protests began recently in Illinois and California over accusations that the monk sexually assaulted two girls, fathering a child with one, in a Chicago Buddhist temple in 2000.

Members of SNAP, Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, protested in front of the southwest side Chicago temple where the abuse was said to occur. When the abuse was originally reported, officials at the temple claimed that Boa-Ubol was to be sent back to Thailand. Officials at the temple in California claim to have had no knowledge of incidents that occurred in Chicago.

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Posted On: August 23, 2011

New Illinois law prevents convicted sex offenders from working as health care professionals

The State of Illinois pulled licenses from 11 health care professionals on Monday citing a new state law that prohibits registered sex offenders and some convicted felons from working in the health care field. Some of the physicians and nurses whose licenses were taken away were convicted of aggravated criminal sexual abuse and child pornography.

The new law gives the State of Illinois the authority to permanently revoke licenses without a hearing.

Before the law took effect the Chicago Tribune reported that a number of doctors in Illinois, convicted of sex crimes, were allowed to keep their physician’s licenses.

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Posted On: August 22, 2011

How do I choose an injury lawyer?

Choosing the right lawyer is one of the most important factors for the success of your case. It’s a decision that should be made with care. If you are ever faced with this difficult decision, two basic factors you may wish to consider are a lawyer’s experience and area of practice.

Much like doctors, attorney’s often concentrate in a particular practice area. If you needed hip replacement surgery, you would most likely go to see an orthopedic surgeon and not a cardiologist. Similarly, you wouldn’t consult a divorce lawyer if you were injured in a car accident.

Don’t be afraid to ask any lawyer you speak with how long he or she has been practicing and what type of law they practice.

The Klest injury law firm has been dedicated to helping injured people for nearly thirty years. Our firm only handles cases of seriously injured people seeking compensation from the people and institutions responsible. I am proud to say that we’ve helped hundreds of clients recover the money they need to pay their medical bills, support their families and be compensated for their injuries.

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Posted On: August 22, 2011

Will my insurance company cover me if I'm involved in a car accident?

One important question that arises after a car accident is whether your insurance company will cover the costs of any injuries or damages you may have suffered. Nearly every state, including Illinois, requires its drivers to carry auto insurance. Unfortunately, not everyone follows the law.

A good first step is to determine what type of insurance coverage you have. There are two kinds of auto insurance systems in the United States, at-fault and no-fault. The kind you have most likely depends on where you live. Most states are at-fault states, meaning the driver who is at-fault is legally responsible for any injuries or financial costs that were caused by the accident. Fewer states, for example, Michigan and Florida, have a no-fault system. In a no-fault system, your insurance company pays for the costs of your injuries, regardless of who is at fault. Even fewer states allow drivers to choose either a no-fault or at-fault policy. If you’re not sure what type of coverage you have, check your policy or ask your insurance adjuster. But before dealing with the insurance company, you should talk to an attorney as soon as possible to determine your rights.

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Posted On: August 22, 2011

Chicago car accident sends 5 to hospital in critical condition

Police are investigating a car accident involving two taxi cabs that happened just before midnight on Saturday in Chicago’s River North neighborhood near the intersection of Orleans and Locust. The events that lead to the crash are still unclear; however some media outlets are reporting that the two taxis collided sending one into a light pole and the other into some cars parked nearby. Five people were rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Some media reports have indicated that the cab drivers may have been involved in some type of altercation before the crash. Often, civil cases that arise out of an auto accident proceed under a theory of negligence, in which case it may be necessary to prove that the driver at fault breached a duty of care. In some cases, the driver who caused the crash may have not only breached a duty of care, but may have acted recklessly or intentionally, disregarding the safety of others.

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Posted On: August 18, 2011

Phil&teds metoo table-top clip-on chairs recalled due to child safety hazard

On August 17, 2011, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a voluntary recall of 54,000 metoo table-top clip-on chairs by phil&teds USA, Inc. The announcement warns that a defect in the chairs can cause them to detach from different types of table surfaces, posing a risk to children of lacerations and even finger amputation.

The chairs were sold through a variety of retail, specialty and online stores from May 2006 to May 2011 at prices ranging between $40 and $50.

Consumers are instructed to immediately stop using the chairs and contact phil&teds USA, Inc., by phone at (855) 652-9019 or by visiting the company’s website at for additional support and information.

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Posted On: August 17, 2011

Chicago Car accident lawyer blog: City evaluates danger to pedestrians in crosswalks

A new study that was commissioned by the Chicago Department of Transportation indicates that in the city of Chicago, approximately 80 percent of motor vehicle collisions involving pedestrians occur while a person is crossing the street at a crosswalk. In most cases, the victim was hit by a turning vehicle. The Chicago Tribune recently reported, that as a result of these new findings, city officials plan to implement more traffic safety technology to protect people crossing the street.

The city’s findings also indicate that the number of hit-and-runs in Chicago has increased over the time period between 2005 and 2009. Given these statistics, it’s important for Chicago pedestrians to remain alert while crossing the street, even when they have the right of way.

The state legislature has also made efforts to address this matter. A change to Illinois state law in 2010 requires drivers to come to a complete stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk. The previous law only required motorists to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. A driver can be ticketed up to $500 for violating the law. Proponents of the new law say that the change was necessary to clear up confusion in enforcement. Under the old rule, a driver could come to a rolling stop through a crosswalk where pedestrians were crossing. Now, motorists have to come to a complete stop when a pedestrian is in a crosswalk. The change is meant to make the rule easy to understand and easier to enforce than the previous standard. The best outcome would be that future accidents can be prevented.

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Posted On: August 5, 2011

Driver killed in Chicago car accident on the Stevenson Expressway

A 29-year old man died early Thursday morning after his car crashed into a dump truck that made an illegal turn on the Stevenson Expy. According to Illinois State Police, the truck was traveling southbound on the expressway when it used the poice and fire turnaround lane to enter northbound traffic. The 29-year-old driver of the car that struck the dump truck was taken to MacNeal Hospital in Berwyn where he died the same day.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of this accident is that it could have been prevented. Truck drivers share highways and roads with passenger vehicles, and they have a duty to follow traffic law. This is incredibly important because a may cause death or serious bodily injury to other travelers.

The Klest Injury Law Firm has been representing individuals and families whose loved ones have been injured or killed due to the fault of others for 30 years.
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