Posted On: January 27, 2010

Sexual Abuse Allegations in Nursing Homes Largely Unprosecuted

An investigation by the Chicago Tribune has found that of the 86 cases of sexual abuse and violence reported within Chicago nursing homes since July of 2007 only one has resulted in an arrest. The investigation determined that rape or other sexual assault allegations were reported in about 30 nursing homes in and around the city. While the bulk of the reported abuse cases alleged abuse by fellow residents, there were also reports of abuse at the hands of nursing home employees.

One speculated reason for the proliferation of nursing home sexual abuse in Chicago is Illinois’ use of nursing homes to house psychiatric patients with sometimes violent criminal records. The Tribune study found that the 30 Chicago facilities that reported rapes were twice as likely to house mentally ill patients and convicted felons as other nursing homes. Of the 23 Chicago nursing homes which the federal government has investigated for substandard staffing levels, 21 were rated ‘below’ or ‘well below’ average staffing levels.

The stunning lack of prosecution has been linked to several factors. Some experts point to the fact that many sexual abuse victims suffer from dementia and delusions which render them unable to assist investigators. Others contend that many of the sexual abuse victims are afraid of speaking out due to the proximity of the abusers, fear of alienating the caregivers, and anxiety about facing police questions and forensic examination. Still others have pointed the finger at the nursing homes themselves which have reported many of the incidents as ‘consensual’.

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Posted On: January 25, 2010

Comedian Andy Dick Arrested on Charges of Felony Sexual Abuse

Comedian Andy Dick was charged with two counts of felony sexual abuse in West Virginia on Saturday. Dick was arraigned on Saturday afternoon by a Cabell County Magistrate Court. The charges stem from an incident at a bar called Rum Runners in which Dick is accused of grabbing a bouncer’s crotch and groping a male club patron. Bail was set at $60,000 for the comedian who is due back at court on February 2nd for a preliminary hearing.

The present sexual abuse charges are not Dick’s first legal troubles. The Hollywood comedian is presently on probation from a July 2008 incident in which Dick was accused of pulling the shirt of a teenage girl exposing her breasts. Dick pleaded guilty to drug and sexual battery charges arising out of that incident. Dick was also arrested in 1999 for possession of cocaine and marijuana.

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Posted On: January 21, 2010

Joliet, IL, Priest who Attempted Suicide Charged with Sexual Abuse

A Joliet, IL, priest has been charged with four counts of criminal sexual abuse and two counts of criminal sexual assault following allegations that he molested a 13 year-old boy at a West Chicago church. Rev. Alejandro Flores, a 37 year old priest, had recently reportedly attempted suicide by falling 20 feet from a balcony at St. Mary’s Carmelite Church in Joliet, IL. Flores was found unconscious on the floor of the church on January 6th.
The allegations of childhood sexual abuse date back to Flores’s time as a semarian at St. Mary’s. The church was made aware of the allegations against Flores through an investigation by the West Chicago Police Department. The police were planning on interviewing Flores the same day that he fell from the balcony.

The former priest was released from the hospital directly to the custody of Kane County authorities yesterday. Formal sexual abuse and assault charges were brought against Flores last Friday. His bond was set at $1 million dollars. Flores is to receive screening to determine whether he should be on suicide watch according to Lt. Pat Gengler of the Kane County Sheriff’s Department. He said that a suicide attempt similar to the conduct of Flores generally warrants special attention.

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Posted On: January 21, 2010

Sacerdote Accused de sexual abuse obtiene nuevo juez, Joliet, IL

Un sacerdote de la área de Chicago presuntamente saltó desde un balcón de Iglesia de 20 pies de alto ayer cuando una investigación de abuso sexual comensaba. Reverendo Alejandro Flores, 37 año, Vicario parroquial de la parroquia de Santa familia en Shorewood, IL, al parecer, fue encontrado inconsciente situada entre los bancos de la Iglesia de Camelite de Santa María en Joliet, Illinois. El sacerdote sobrevivió a la caída, pero ha sufrido. Él sigue hospitalizado en los cuidados intensivos en Joliet desde ayer. El sacerdote se encuentra en condición crítica pero estable.

Flores sólo había sido colocado en licencia administrativa pendiente una investigación de denuncias al sacerdote de un niño de trece años de edad. El Condado de Kane tanto la (DCFS) está investigando las denuncias de abusos sexuales contra el sacerdote. Flores había sido colocado en residencia de diócesis en Joliet donde fue estrechamente monitorear y mantenido sin contacto con los niños. Los Detectives estaban en camino a Joliet para entrevistar el sacerdote con respecto a las denuncias de abuso sexual cuando huyó de la residencia de la Diócesis de Joliet. Fue encontrado en la iglesia de Santa María, que estaba abordar y vacante, pasaron tres y media horas después de que él desapareció. Flores al parecer llevaba una chaqueta, teléfono celular, gafas, un gran cuchillo y una botella de licor cuando cayó desde el balcón. La investigación de abuso sexual está en curso. \

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Posted On: January 17, 2010

Federal Study Finds Disturbing Rates of Sexual Abuse at Juvenile Detention Centers

A government study released on Thursday found staggering rates of sexual abuse at juvenile correctional centers around the country. According to the study, nearly one out of three inmates at 13 juvenile detention centers around the country reported some type of sexual victimization. The Federal Justice Center report, which was the first of its kind, found that about 12 percent of youths in state-run, private, or local facilities experienced some form of childhood sexual abuse. The survey used information collected from an anonymous computerized questionnaire from June 2008 through April 2009.

The victims reported abuse at the hands of both juvenile detention center employees and fellow inmates. About 10 percent of the victims implicated abuse at the hands of juvenile detention center staff with nearly all of those allegations against female staffers. Six facilities had extremely high rates of sexual abuse in that at least three out of ten juvenile inmates reported some form of sexual abuse. Those facilities include Pendelton Juvenile Correctional Facility in Indiana. Another seven detention centers showed nearly equivalent levels of sexual abuse. The report found that staff sexual misconduct was markedly higher at state run facilities and that smaller facilities tended to have fewer reports of victimization. In commenting on the study Indiana Department of Corrections spokesman Doug Garrison said, “There’s no such thing as consensual sex in a correctional facility, certainly not in a juvenile facility.”

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Posted On: January 15, 2010

Sexual Abuse Victims’ Support Group Calls for Berwyn Investigation of Former Priest

The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) has asked the City of Berwyn to investigate an employee of the Berwyn Cultural Center located at 6420 W. 16th St. Former priest Frank Paduch, who was accused of sexually abusing five boys in the 1980s, has come under fire for his failure to disclose certain information when he was hired by the city. According to reports, a 1997 civil lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court alleges that Paduch sexually abused a St. Rita High School student while he was working for the school. The lawsuit settled for an undisclosed amount two years later. SNAP further reports that an additional four alleged victims have come forward through an attorney, but none have filed a lawsuit against Paduch.

SNAP submitted a letter to the Berwyn City Hall on Thursday asking the village to investigate the circumstances surrounding Paduch’s hiring. SNAP was reportedly made aware of Paduch’s current employment situation as a result of citizen reports. The Berwyn Cultural Center is located across the street from Lincoln Middle School. Berwyn has said that it will respond to the letter today.

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Posted On: January 11, 2010

Freak Accident That Left Chicago Motorist Injured Happened Twice Before

An Aurora, IL, man was seriously injured last week when an accumulation of snow and ice slid off a tractor trailer and smashed through his windshield at an overpass on Butterfield Rd. The victim, Peter Morano, now faces the prospect of losing sight in one of his eyes. According to reports, the Chicago truck accident happened while Morano was on his way to work in Warenville, IL. He was passing a large truck eastbound on Butterfield Rd. when the top of the truck went under an overpass causing a large piece of snow/ice to slide off the truck and come through his windshield. As a result of the accident, Morano has suffered a broken nose, broken bones in his face and a serious injury to his eyes. Doctors will not know whether or not Morano will have vision in the affected eye for about six months.

Subsequent reports have revealed that what was initially thought of as a freak accident has actually occurred several times. Nine years ago Tim Giometti was at the same stretch of road when an ice/snow accumulation on top of a truck hit the overpass and smashed through his windshield. Luckily neither he nor his infant son was seriously injured. Another motorist reported falling concrete and debris falling onto her vehicle from a truck that scraped the overpass.

Posted On: January 8, 2010

Chicago Area Priest Plunges from Balcony Following Sexual Abuse Accusations

A Chicago area priest accused of sexual abuse reportedly jumped from a 20 foot high church balcony yesterday as a sexual abuse investigation regarding his conduct heated up. Rev. Alejandro Flores, a 37 year old parochial vicar of the Holy Family Parish in Shorewood, IL, was reportedly found unconscious lying between the pews of St. Mary’s Camelite Church in Joliet, IL. The priest survived the fall but has suffered traumatic head injuries. He remains hospitalized in the intensive care unit at Silver Cross Hospital in Joliet as of yesterday. The priest is listed in critical but stable condition.

Flores had just been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into allegations that the priest had sexually abused a thirteen year old boy. Both Kane County and the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) are currently investigating the sexual abuse allegations against the priest. Flores had been placed in diocese residence in Joliet where he was to be closely monitored and kept from contact with children. Detectives were on the way to Joliet to interview the priest regarding the sexual abuse allegations when he fled the Joliet diocese residence. He was found at St. Mary’s, which is a boarded up and vacant church, about three and half hours after he went missing. Flores was reportedly carrying a jacket, cell phone, glasses, a large knife and a bottle of liquor when he fell from the balcony. The sexual abuse investigation is ongoing.

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Posted On: January 5, 2010

Chicago Airplane Crash Kills Two

A Chicago airplane crash killed two individuals today near the Chicago Executive Airport in Wheeling, IL. The airplane accident occurred around 2 p.m. when a LearJet crashed into the Des Plaines River as it was making its approach into the airport. According to reports, the accident claimed the lives of both the pilot and co-pilot which were the only two individuals aboard the aircraft. The identities of those two individuals have not yet been released.

The airplane reportedly took off from Oakland County International Airport which is located approximately 35 miles northwest of Detroit around 1 p.m. eastern time. The aircraft was headed to Chicago to pick up cargo when the accident occurred. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has begun an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the aviation accident. The recovery effort has been suspended until early tomorrow morning.

If an airplane equipment malfunction or error contributed to the accident the victims’ families might have a wrongful death claim. When an airplane crash occurs it is very important that an investigation be performed as soon as possible so that potential evidence may be preserved. If you have any questions involving airplane accidents or would otherwise like to speak with an attorney, please call 847-969-9510.

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