Posted On: March 30, 2006

Airplane Accidents

Liability in an airplane crash can be very difficult to prove. The airplane's black box may be missing and body parts might never be found. If a person is lucky enough to survive a plane accident, the injuries are frequently catastrophic. When death is a certainty for everyone on board—such as during large commercial plane crashes—the pain and suffering and loss can affect hundreds of passenger, crew members, and the many loved ones that are left behind.

It is important to immediately preserve any remaining evidence from a plane crash. You should also hire an experienced airplane accident attorney that knows how to properly investigate plane accidents and determine liability.

Chicago Attorney Joseph Klest has successfully represented injury victims and surviving family members of persons killed in aviation accidents involving helicopters, charter planes, private planes, and commercial airplanes. He also has worked with injury victims who were injured in airport terminals or on airfields as passengers, visitors, airline workers, or airport employees at Chicago O'Hare Airport and Chicago Midway Airport in Illinois.

Mr. Klest employs a team of experts that know how to explain the technical reasons that a plane crash might have occurred. Pilot error, failure to follow flight procedures, faulty equipment , defective airplane parts, engine failure, and mistakes by the air traffic controller are just some of the causes for why a plane accident might have happened.

"Common Carrier" Air Accidents
Commercial airplanes run by airline companies, such as Delta, United, American Airlines, Southwest, and JetBlue, are considered common carriers. This means that they are charged with exercising extreme care and caution to ensure the safety of their passengers. They have to make sure that their planes are properly maintained, operated by a competent pilot, and functioning properly. Failure to do so can result in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits if a plane accident occurs and people are injured or die.

Often, there might be more than one party that can be held liable for a plane accident. For example: A large plane carrying 200 passengers crashes into a residential area. Everyone on the plane is killed. A dozen homes are destroyed and many residents on the ground are also seriously injured or killed. If officials determine that a defective navigation tool on the plane was the cause of the accident, the manufacturer of the tool, the maintenance company that failed to find the defect, the supplier of the navigation tool, and the airline company could all be held legally liable.

Although the Federal Aviation Administration will conduct an investigation, it is important that you get your own personal injury lawyer who is there to look out for your interests and protect your rights.

For more than 25 years, Joseph Klest, Attorney at Law has successfully represented thousands of clients in every area of personal injury law in the Chicago area and throughout Illinois. Many of our clients come from Will County, DuPage County, Lake County, and Cook County, and we have law offices that are conveniently located in Schaumburg and Chicago, Illinois.

We understand that many times, the severity of our clients' injuries can prevent them from leaving their homes or hospitals, Mr. Klest is happy to meet with you outside his offices if that is more convenient.

To speak with Attorney Klest about your plane accident case, contact Joseph Klest, Attorney at Law at (312) 527-2779, (630) 528-7848, or (847) 969-9510, or contact us online.

Posted On: March 18, 2006

Railroad Accidents

Trains are a common mode of transportation in Illinois, with many commuters opting to ride a train or subway to work or some other destination. Although the Chicago Transit Authority, the Metra subway system, and the different railroad companies are required to keep the trains and subways running safely on their tracks, train accidents in the Chicago area do happen. Train and subway passengers, pedestrians, motor vehicle drivers, railroad workers, train and subway operators, and railroad and subway employees are frequently the ones who are injured or killed.

If you have been injured in a train crash, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer who can evaluate your case right away. At Joseph Klest, Attorney at Law, we offer a FREE consultation to all train injury victims and family members that have lost loved ones in train accidents. Attorney Klest will be happy to offer you advice on the immediate steps that you can take to protect your rights so you can obtain the maximum compensation from any negligent parties.

The sooner you hire an experienced and knowledgeable Chicago personal injury lawyer to start gathering the evidence and building your case, the greater your chances are of being able to obtain the best outcome possible in your train accident claim or lawsuit. Proving that a railroad company or a transportation system/authority is liable for your train accident injuries can be very difficult, which is why you need a personal injury lawyer that understands the rules and regulations that govern trains and subways in Illinois.

Mr. Klest has successfully handled many train accident cases throughout Illinois for more than 30 years. He can get a court order to preserve any evidence, such as defective railroad equipment and faulty crossings, from your accident. He knows how to investigate the accident evidence, and he will work with a team of highly qualified experts that can examine the evidence and your injuries.

Causes and Injuries
Common causes of train and subway accidents include mechanical failure, faulty crossing signs, operator negligence or fatigue, defective tracks, hazardous spills, and collisions with a motor vehicle, pedestrian, or another train or subway.

Train accident injuries are frequently catastrophic, if not fatal, and the medical and recovery costs can be astronomical. Attorney Klest has the resources to determine how much you will need to recover and move forward with your life. He will file a claim or lawsuit that takes into account your current and long-term financial and recovery needs.

Mr. Klest will customize his services and approach to your injury case to fit your needs and goals. He is accessible and available to all his clients. He is a nationally renowned and well-respected personal injury and trial attorney. He has a reputation in the Chicago area for his ability to obtain successful outcomes in cases that have been declared "hopeless" or were turned down by other personal injury attorneys.

For over 30 years, Attorney Klest has represented thousands of satisfied clients in Will County, Cook County, Lake County, DuPage County and the rest of Illinois in all areas of personal injury law. Joseph Klest, Attorney at Law has offices in Chicago and Schaumburg, Illinois, and we are happy to meet you at another location or in another city if that is more convenient.

To request your FREE consultation with Joseph Klest, Attorney at Law, contact us online today or call (630) 529-7848, (312) 527-2779, or (847) 969-9510.

Posted On: March 5, 2006

Motorcycle Accidents

Visibility and the ability to stop in time are issues that are frequently involved when determining liability in a motorcycle accident case. These issues can be difficult to investigate without the help of an experienced Chicago motorcycle accident attorney.

At Joseph Klest, Attorney at Law, we are a Chicago-based personal injury law firm that has represented thousands of men and women who have been seriously injured in traffic accidents while riding motorcycles in Chicago and in other cities in Illinois. We know what to look for when determining liability and estimating the compensation amount that you will need to pay for your medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, and other recovery costs, such as lost wages, any permanent disfigurement or disability, as well as pain and suffering.

Chicago Motorcycle Accident Attorney Klest works with qualified experts, including a human factors expert, medical experts, and an accident reconstruction specialist, to determine the causes of a motorcycle accident. Speeding, roadway defects, driver inattention, a defective motorcycle, a fixed object that shouldn't be on the road, and drunk driving are some of the common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle Injuries
Injuries in a motorcycle accident tend to be very severe and frequently catastrophic. Motorcycle riders don't have a lot of protection when they are on the road, and traumatic brain injuries, first-degree burns, road burns, spinal cord injuries, severed limbs, broken bones, permanent disfigurements, psychological and emotional trauma, and even wrongful death can occur when a motorcyclist is struck by a car, another motorcycle, or a large truck.

Chicago Attorney Joseph Klest personally handles all of his firm's personal injury cases. He will zealously prosecute your motorcycle accident case to help you achieve the best outcome possible. He is someone that you can talk to, and he will tailor his approach and objectives for your case to your needs. Mr. Klest and his team will work hard to find creative solutions and approaches that can get the job done.

If a settlement cannot be reached, Mr. Klest is a well-respected and skilled trial attorney who has won thousands of personal injury litigation cases in court. He has secured large verdicts for many of his injury clients throughout the greater Chicago area, including clients that have been hurt in motorcycle accidents in Will County, DuPage County, Cook County, and Lake County. Visit our firm's Success Stories page to see some of our recent case results.

No Motorcycle Helmet Law in Illinois
Because Illinois does not have a motorcycle helmet law, a motorcyclist is not required to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. Helmet use—or lack of one—is therefore not a factor when determining if another party was at fault in causing a motorcycle crash.

If you have been seriously injured in Illinois and are the victim of a motorcycle accident that was caused because another person or party was negligent or careless, Attorney Klest would like to offer you a FREE consultation. He is happy to give you immediate advice on the initial steps that you can take to protect your right to receive compensation.

Joseph Klest, Attorney at Law has offices conveniently located in Chicago and Schaumburg, Illinois, and he can also meet with you outside the office. To schedule your complimentary consultation with Attorney Klest, call us today at (312) 527-2779, (847) 969-9510, or (630) 529-7848 or contact us online.

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