Drunk Driver Kills Pedestrian on NW Side - Bail Set at $400K

November 14, 2014,

A Cook County Judge set a $400,000 bail for Maciej Machniewicz who is charged with felony aggravated DUI following a car accident. Machniewicz, who prosecutors are saying never had a valid drivers license, was charged with aggravated DUI after striking and killing a 62 year-old woman Tuesday on the Chicago's Northwest Side who had just exited a bus.

This straightforward case, however, considering a circumstance where a driver didn't have a license, it's possible that he did not have valid insurance coverage either.

In a 2010 case, the Illinois Supreme Court upheld exclusionary provisions in a car insurance contract that allowed an insurance company to deny coverage where the driver was the owner of the vehicle but did not have a driver's license or was driving with a suspended license. Essentially, this means that someone driving around without a license, even if that person is paying for car insurance, may not actually have coverage if he or she negligently causes an accident.

Nevertheless, Illinois law mandates that car insurance policies issued in this state include uninsured motorist coverage. The purpose is to provide coverage for people who are hurt or killed by an uninsured driver. Under these circumstances, a victim's own car insurance policy steps in as if the negligent driver had coverage. Navigating these issues can get complicated and each case is certain to have a unique set of circumstances. Seeking consultation with an experienced, licensed attorney is highly recommended.

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3 Gavin Middle School Teachers Fired in Connection with Abuse Charges

October 16, 2014,

The School District Board for Gavin School District 37 in Ingleside, IL are suspending without pay pending a formal dismissal hearing Michale Vucic, a Gavin teacher who has been charged with childhood sexual abuse of a student.

The Board also voted to let two other teachers go for allegedly not reporting suspicions of the abuse to authorities.

Under Illinois law, teachers are considered Mandated Reporters who are responsible for reporting suspected child abuse to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

Sex abuse victims often are reluctant to come forward to report their abusers, sometimes because they feel ashamed about what has happened to them. For the same reasons, they are often reluctant to seek legal counsel as well. Attorney Joseph Klest has been fighting for victims rights for over 30 years. He understands the stigma associated with sexual abuse and offers compassionate legal advice in a confidential setting.

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Fatal I-55 Truck Crash Results in Charges against Trucker

July 22, 2014,

Authorities charged the truck driver involved in the wreck on I-55 Mondaythat resulted in the loss of five lives with speeding before the crash. The deaths were the result of two separate crashes that happened on Interstate 55 near Channahon, IL, as the speeding truck quickly changed lanes in a construction area failing to stop striking three cars that were stopped in traffic, smashing them together.

Truck accidents are particularly dangerous simply because of the immense size of the vehicles involved. Semi-trucks speeding in a construction zone are likely to not have enough space to come to a safe stop when other cars slow down for traffic. All the more reason for truck drivers to be diligent about following the rules of the road. Truck drivers can often avoid accidents and loss of life simply by staying alert and following the rules. It is a truck driver's most basic responsibility to care for the safety of other people they share the road with.

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Highland Park Chiropractor Accused of Sexually Abusing Patients

July 17, 2014,

A number of people have come forward with accusations that a Highland Park chiropractor sexually abused his patients during their sessions. According to the Lake County prosecutor's office so far three people have come forward. Prosecutors are asking anyone who believes they were victims of inappropriate and unwanted contact to contact the Highland Park Police Department or the Lake County State's Attorney's office.

The chiropractor, Kevin Dutton, age 38, has been charged with one count of criminal sexual assault and two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, both are considered felonies.

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Tree Falls on Camper's Tent in Wisconsin Killing 11 Year Old Girl

June 2, 2014,

A young girl, age 11, from Chicago's Northwest suburbs was killed by a tree that fell on her tent during a storm overnight while she was camping with her family in Devil's Lake State Park in Wisconsin.

first responders found the young girl and her father trapped under a tree that had fallen on their tent in the park near Baraboo, Wisconsin.

The girl did not survive. Her father and another camper, a 14 year-old boy who was fortunately unharmed, were taken to a nearby hospital where they were both treated and released.

One task of park personnel is to identify trees that may pose a risk of falling. Authorities are not currently releasing further information regarding this fatal accident. Meanwhile the investigation continues.

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Drug-Resistant Salmonella Outbreak Likely Linked to Foster Farms Chicken

May 28, 2014,

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are warning consumers of a multi-state outbreak of salmonella infections likely linked to Foster Farms brand chicken that are resistant to multiple drugs. As of May 22, 2014 there have been 574 total cases reported in 27 states.

Many have been hospitalized after falling ill from the food-borne bacteria that began occurring last year. In some cases, victims have developed possible life threatening blood infections.

New infections seem to be linked to recently sold chicken as opposed to chicken stored in home freezers for extended periods.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with salmonella poisoning after eating Foster Farms chicken, please click here, or dial 866-264-7639 for a free consultation with an experienced injury attorney.

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Collision Involving 3 Semis Halts Traffic on I-90

May 22, 2014,

A head-on collision involving three semi-trailers on I-90 approaching Illinois Route 47 caused lengthy traffic delays on Thursday morning.

According to the Illinois State Police, a truck heading eastbound had somehow crossed the median in to on-coming traffic, crashing into another trailer heading in the opposite direction.

The full extent of the injuries has not been reported yet, however emergency medical personnel did arrive at the scene, and at least one person was transported to a hospital as a result of the crash.

Due to their sheer size and weight, tractor trailers, pose a danger to other motorists, including truck driver's themselves. Serious truck accidents not only log up traffic, but also often result in severe injuries.

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Over 70 Arrested in Child Porn Ring

May 21, 2014,

Authorities are calling it one of the largest local round-ups of internet child pornography traffickers. Among those arrested were a Rabbi, a little league coach, police officers, and nurses and the victims ranged in ages from newborn to 17. The investigation that led to the arrests was conducted by a joint team from the Department of Homeland Security as well as the NYPD.

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Is the new Illinois "hands free" cell phone law lowering traffic fatalities?

May 13, 2014,

Effective January 1, 2014, a new law came in to effect in Illinois. Drivers must now use a hands-free device to talk on a cell phone while driving. Prior to the law taking effect, one troubling statistic facing Illinois drivers showed that traffic deaths in the state rose for the second straight year in 2013.

As police hand out more and more tickets for illegal cell phone use on Illinois roadways, the hope is that drivers decide to put away their cell phones when they get behind the wheel and by the end of the year, perhaps there will be fewer families dealing with what could have been an avoidable tragedy.

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Parents Driving Drunk With Kids in the Car: An Alarming National Trend

May 6, 2014,

It's no surprise that drunk driving causes fatal car accidents. But many people may be shocked to learn that according to results of a study recently published on the matter, 65 percent of children who are killed in drunk driving accidents were actually passengers in the car of the impaired driver as opposed to passengers in a car hit by a drunk driver.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of this heart breaking statistic is that it's entirely avoidable.

If you or someone you love has been hurt or killed by a drunk driver you should contact an experience injury attorney right away to assure your rights are preserved.

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SUV Hits a Bus in Chicago Hurting 15 People

April 29, 2014,

According to witnesses, at around 10 o'clock, Monday morning, an SUV crossed the center line of a street striking a Chicago Transit Authority bus on the city's South Side. The crashed caused 15 people to be injured with at least one person seriously injured.

Car accidents sometimes seem like a common occurrence on Chicago streets. Often times people are injured in car accidents through no fault of their own. If someone negligently causes a wreck, that driver's insurance company should compensate the victims. Nevertheless, insurance companies may not offer an accident victim fair compensation for their case.

An experienced, aggressive Chicago accident attorney may be the difference between receiving fair value for a case and being left with outstanding medical costs.

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Child Porn Victims Can Still Recover From Defendants Convicted of Downloading Images

April 24, 2014,

In a 5 to 4 decision yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Paroline v. United States, ruled that defendants convicted of possessing child porn may be held liable to the victims depicted in the images for restitution.

The main issue before the Court was whether a single defendant could be held liable for all of the victim's damages. Here is where the Court drew the line, with Justice Kennedy writing that a victim should receive, "restitution in an amount that comports with the defendant’s relative role."

The Paroline case involved a victim known as "Amy," whose uncle sexually abused her as a child and posted pictures of the abuse on the internet. The defendant, Paroline, pleaded guilty to possessing the victim's images in Federal Court and "Amy's" attorneys sought $3.4 million dollars in restitution from the defendant pursuant to the Violence Against Women Act, that provides restitution penalties for child pornography.

The Court rejected the victim's argument that each defendant should be responsible for all of her damages, instead concluding that the possessor does have to pay, but only for the portion of proximate harm he individually caused.

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